Through her formal and conceptual vocabulary, Magda Skupinska engages with the idea of social interaction through her investigation of the tangible quality of organic materials – namely, spices and fruit, which offer enveloping sensory experiences. Drawing from modernist traditions of biomorphic abstraction, to Arte Povera and Minimalism, Skupinska’s works facilitate a reconnection with the essential multisensory experiences that stimulate the basis of our being.

When asked about the nature of her process, the artist states: “My paintings are monuments of time. The gentle and comforting surface of the painting over time exposes the brutal but beautiful truth of the inevitable temporality nature of things. Time is an essence in my work, which actively allows changes and therefore brings the painting into a life of its own. It is now in the age of mad obsession over preservation of things and people that I want to bring the attention back to the beauty of ageing, passing and the preciousness of the temporality.”

Magda Skupinska was born in Warsaw (Poland) in 1991. She completed her BA in Fine Art at London’s Central St Martins, and her MA in Painting at The Royal College of Arts, London. Skupinska has participated in residencies at Fundación Casa Wabi in Oaxaca, Mexico, Buenos Aires (Future Narratives curated by Juliana Gontijo, 2016) as well as Atlantic Center For The Arts (Florida 2017, under the guidance of Mc Arthur Fellow Joan Synder). Her solo exhibitions include, Elements of Silence (London 2015, Presented by Maximillian William) and DAMA Project (Turin, 2016). Recent group shows include Surface Issues, Leila Heller Gallery (Dubai, 2017) and White Memory – 1989/2018: Art in Malta and Poland (Malta, 2017). Magda will present a solo exhibition of new work at Maximillian William, London, in 2020.